EMY-tech Mission

EMY-tech - Our Vision

Our main objective - helping our customers achieve a winning edge in a competitive & rapidly changing high-tech environment by improving communications between customers, manufactures and distributers.

EMY-tech – What We Do

We are a sales representative company which establishes partnerships between manufacturers/design services and customers; in order to maximize the representatives' sales through first class technical support to the end customer.
Our core business is focused on establishing partnerships between chip manufacturers, intellectual property owners, software packaging, intellectual property logic, embedded system solutions, products and tier one system customers.
Our main activity is selling semiconductor components, intellectual property software packages, intellectual property logics and embedded system solutions.

We recently broadened our business range into the ASIC/VLSI and EDA markets by representation of several companies including: GDA Technologies ,General Electric Intelligence platform , Aricent, SPIL, Mobiveil and others which provide a wide range of ASIC/HW design services, software/physical IP’s and EDA solutions.


EMY-tech - Our Objectives:

  • Penetration of tier one customers and into the executive of the company
  • First class support to the customer all the way to production.
  • Provide manufacturers with additional independent sales and marketing resources in order to achieve growth objectives through direct and/or distribution Channel.
  • To establish partnerships between manufacturers and tier one customers, in order to jointly define the product roadmaps that addresses the needs of growing end market.

EMY-tech - Methodologies:

  • High frequency of customer visits.
  • Proactive calls to customers, providing them with updated information on new products.
  • Weekly call with the customer for every major project.
  • Coordinate conference calls between manufacturer and customer.
  • Coordinate manufacturer visit to the customer.
  • Design win tracking.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Distributor training
  • POS tracking on distributors.
  • mange complex development model : development in few site include Israel while manufacture is in other location.

EMY-tech - Sales Strategy  :

  • To establish close relationships with customers
  • In-depth understanding of the manufacturer product line
  • Having all the necessary technical, marketing and sales resources for the customer’s “Decision Time”
  • Control and management of the project:
    • Follow up of all project activities/issues all the way to production
    • Allocating the right technical support resources needed for the project

EMY-tech business Model:

  • EMY-tech is a representative company
  • EMY-tech provides manufacturers and customers with a very flexible business model 
  • EMY-tech is capable of working in the following three business models:
    • Manufacturers working only with representatives
    • Manufacturers that have their own distribution channel and want to change or add a representative company
    • Manufacturer that is looking both for representative & Distributers in stop shop or One company. One option to consider

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